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Doug Jen Headhost Trailer Sheriff Posse


Doug and his wife, Jennifer, compete on the competition BBQ circuit across the country as Rogue Cookers (TM), based out of South Texas.   Doug is a “recovering” Aerospace Engineer (yes a former Rocket Scientist) and uses this scientific approach to his cooking, consulting services and teaching in BBQ classes.  Doug is known for his brand of BBQ – “Low Slow Rogue (TM)” which is using low and slow techniques and going Rogue by tweaking recipes with each cook, which he views as a mini competition.  Jennifer is a great baker and in charge of all the desserts and sides.  Her desserts have placed in the top 25 at Houston 5 times in the last 8 years.


BBQ World Champion at the Houston Rodeo in 2015 and 3 Time finalist, 11 Grand and Reserve Grand Championships, Three 1st Place World Championship calls at 3 of the 4 Major Competitions (Houston Rodeo HLSR GC Chicken, American Royal in Potato and The Jack Daniels Chef’s Choice Category with Steak and Hasselback Potatoes, 4th overall at the San Antonio Rodeo out of 300+ teams including a 2nd and 4th place brisket in different years, over 100 top 3 awards, and 225 top 10 calls in just over 110 cookoffs.  Rogue Cookers uses Traeger Grills exclusively for the past 70+ CookOffs.


Houston Rodeo Trophy
Overall Grand Champi0on and Champion in Chicken
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Jack Daniels World Championship
First in Chef's Choice - Steak and Hassellback Potatoes
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San Antonio Rodeo
2nd in Brisket out of ~300 Teams and 4th Overall
2015 Houston Rodeo
Cooked for Across the Tracks team and Won Overal Grand Champion.
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Top PORK COOK!! Can you believe it? Ha
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San Antonio Rodeo
8th in Steaks cooked on a Traeger Ranger
New Braunfels
1st Place Chili