Cooking Is Not Rocket Science, But Being A Rocket Scientist With A Secret Weapon Doesn't Hurt
BBQ is like Golf. Just concentrate about how you do each time you cook
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Keep a Cooking Journal. Every cook is an internal competition…change something and have some fun with it while learning
If I can smoke a brisket well, I can color my wife’s hair
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Competition BBQ is not a fire management contest. It is about producing the best BBQ.

About Rogue Cookers

Who We Are

Doug and his wife, Jennifer, compete on the competition BBQ circuit as Rogue Cookers, based out of South Texas. In over 110 contests since 2009, they have won 3 First Places at World Championships (HLSR, The Jack, and American Royal) and over 225 top 10 calls. Rogue Cookers uses Traeger Grills exclusively for competition since 2014, believed to be the first in Texas to use solely pellet grills for all entries.


BBQ World Champion - HLSR🔥
Traeger Pro Instructor 👊
Head Country Ambassador 👍
E3 Meat Ranch Foreman 🐂
The BBQ Central Show TX Embedded Correspondent 🎤
BBQ Central Guest HOF Class of 2021 🏆
Baseball & BBQ Periodic Guest Host 🎤
Cubs Fan, Team Cats 😺, and Wine Fanatic 🍷
Recovering Rocket Scientist 🚀

Upcoming Events

Santa Barbara Wine & BBQ Festival – July 15-16th
Bozeman MT Pitmaster Classic at Kenyon Noble – Aug 26-27th
5 Year Celebration at Luster Pearl in Denver Co – Sept 25th


Check out Rogue Cookers on Instagram to see new recipes under development and on the internet.  For a complete list of published go to the Recipes page on this website for a complete listing of the 35+ recipes the Doug and Jen have out on various websites such as Traeger Grills, Head Country BBQ, and E3 Meat Co.

How to Use a head country bbq Sauce?

1. If you are looking to prepare your meat for a BBQ rub, you must make it dry with a paper towel to remove excess wetness. Thereafter, apply the rub to the meat, making sure that the spices are effectively wrapped

2. Bbq sauce can burn your meat if you put it on too early in the cooking process due to the sugar content it has. That’s why you should wait till the last few minutes of cooking to pour your bbq meat with sauce.

3. Dry rubs can also be applied before the meat goes onto the grilling, but wet rubs should be applied at least before an hour to give the mixture enough time to drench into the meat. Some chefs suggest using a wet rub for dishes that slow cooking for a long period of time.

4. When it is about choosing a bbq sauce vs. rub, a major part of the decision will be your personal choice in taste and texture. Moreover, it’s necessary to note that both sauces and rubs can be used right away in the same dish and create a tasty and appetizing bbq concoction, as far as each ingredient is added at the right time.