Cooking Is Not Rocket Science, But Being A Rocket Scientist With A Secret Weapon Doesn't Hurt
BBQ is like Golf. Just concentrate about how YOU do each time you cook not anyone else
About Us
Keep a Cooking Journal. Every cook is an internal competition…change something and have some fun with it while learning
If I can smoke a dayum brisket well, I can color my wife’s hair
Rogue Shopping
Competition BBQ is not a fire management contest. It is about producing the best BBQ.
I am the Andy Roddick of BBQ. I won a World Championship and married a hot wife
Rogue Shopping
Remember that time my Queso Recipe "Broke the Internet".....well at least the BGE Facebook page 🙂
"If Doug was a Spice Girl he would be Horder Spice" BReav
I am a recovering Aeronautical Engineer and use to be smart. Now I cook BBQ
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About Rogue Cookers - BBQ World Champions

Who We Are

Doug and his wife, Jennifer, compete on the competition BBQ circuit as Rogue Cookers (TM), based out of South Texas. In over 120 BBQ competitions since 2009, we have won: World BBQ ChampionShip in 2015 (Houston Rodeo or HLSR);  3 Time Finalist at Houston Rodeo, 3 First Places at World Championships (HLSR in Chicken, The Jack Daniels in Chef's Choice, and American Royal in Potato); 11 Grand/Reserve Championships; and over 240+ top 10 calls. Rogue Bbq uses Traeger Grills exclusively for competition since 2014 and the first in Texas to use pellet grills SOLELY for all compitition meats (chicken, ribs, pork butts, and brisket) and ancillary entries such as dessert, beans, chili, margaritas, bloody mary, and Chef's Choice.   Low Slow Rogue (TM) describes our BBQ style and approach to cooking - we cook low and slow and Rogue refers to our constant desire to improve without boundaries as taught in our BBQ classes.  Hope you enjoy our content, food, recipes, and appreciate your support.

Upcoming Events - 2024

  • 2024
  • San Antonio Rodeo BBQ Cook Off – January 2024
    • 2nd Chef’s Choice, 6th Margarita
  • Houston Rodeo World Championship 
    • 18th Dessert
  • Scheels BBQ University – April 23rd
  • Buda Weiner Dog BBQ Contest April 26-27th
  • Memphis in May with Home Depot - Brisket and Beef Ribs Demo Classes - Non on May 17 &18
  • Texas Star Houston - 2 Meat Class June 21st 5-7 pm (SW Freeway Location)
  • Santa Barbara CaliWine Festival - July 20th Noon to 4 pm 
  • Huntington Beach CaliWine Festival - Nov 9th Noon to 4 PM at the Paseo

Slow Rogue


BBQ World Champion - Houston Rodeo (HLSR)
Traeger Pro Instructor
Head Country Ambassador and Consultant
E3 Meat Ranch Foreman
The BBQ Central Show TX Embedded Correspondent
BBQ Central Guest HOF Class of 2021
Baseball & BBQ Periodic Guest Host
Cubs Fan, Team Cats, and Wine Fanatic
Recovering Rocket Scientist


Check out Rogue Cookers on Instagram @RogueCookers to see new recipes under development and available on the internet.  For a complete list of the 35+ published recipes go to the Recipes page on this website to download the complete list that Doug and Jen have out on various websites such as Traeger Grills, Head Country BBQ, and E3 Meat Co.

Here are some of the best Compliments We have Received

You always want to hear “the best I have ever had” but sometimes this is stated in other ways.  ENJOY!!

  • “Jiggled like a plus sized girl in a twerk contest.  So tender and juicy.” – Brisket Review On Traeger Website

  • “That is the best chicken I have ever had.  The breast is so tender and juicy” – Houston Rodeo

  • “Give me a moment to enjoy the cheesecake. I think I need a cigarette.” – Mary 

  • “Don’t touch me.  I just had bread pudding and it was better than sex and I want to remember it” – Jim

  • “DUDE – your money muscle is AHHHH mazing. It was delicious.” – Kimchi

  • “That Brisket is crack” – Natalie 

  • “I make Prime brisket but it does not come out like that” – Clint & Lisa

  • “Best thing I’ve ever done to learn about BBQ” – Brandon about Traeger BBQ Shop class
  • “Not to be too sexual, but that was the best meat that I have ever put in my mouth.” – Heather
  • “That tri-tip is so good I would give up sex for it.  ” – Jim at HLSR
  • “I just had a Carnivore-gasm – after eating Brisket. ” – Martin
  • “If you put that mac n cheese……..nsfw……….I would lick it off” – BBQ Judge
  • “Scheiding metaphorically tore up the rules as he deviated from the issued textbook of the evening…… students a few tips of his own making” – Stuart Melling on Gastronomics
  • “Doug is the Queso Master with 3 recipes on the Internet” – Multiple
  • “I need a moment after watching that sexy jiggle!”  – Chris
  • “If Doug was a Spice Girl, he would be Horder Spice” – BReav

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